September 6th, 2010

Aye it be fine sail'n and the wind is a blow'n. Our ship makes ready for the journey up along the eastern seaboard to Tybee Island where we will land for a breif liberty at the Tybee Island Pirate festival.  We will take our fill of...yes rhum, women and song..and black powder...rhum..women...and yes rhum. Then we shall set sail again.


Rhum...rhum...rhum...beach...crash...fix boat..rhum..rhum..damn a year has past....rhum..rhum..set sail...


November 13th, 2009

We have noticed that the Captain has been not at his best., so we voted and relevied him of his duties. Bring to replace catp'n Tom is now acting captain Bryan "Ballast" Langston. I have assumed the regiens of leadership to bring our al;ready great krewe back into waves and the high seas.


 The History

The Maiden's Pub Association originated as a party in February of 1983. A small group of friends who met in high school decided to be pirates for a day complete with a treasure hunt, costumes, decorations and contests. The party was such a success that the following year we decided to try it again, and this party was just as popular. At that point we vowed to make each 'Buccaneer Bash' in the years to come bigger and better. "Buccaneer Bash" became more elaborate each year with better and more decorations to enhance the party atmosphere. Contests and prizes became even more popular with the Treasure/Scavenger Hunt being the favorite. New traditions were established at almost every "Bash".

The Maiden's Pub first appeared in "Buccaneer Bash II" with a complete bar, and has made an appearance at every "Bash" thereafter. The ghost pirate ship, Drunken Maiden, was built as a ten foot, fiberboard replica, complete with rigging for "Buccaneer Bash III". Again the Drunken Maiden reappeared for "Buccaneer Bash IV", 25' long and constructed of wood.

Buccaneer Bash V - The Maiden Sails" was the first, all day affair with the Treasure/Scavenger Hunt in the morning and the 6 hour, St. Johns River cruise aboard the 53' yacht Casa Mia in the afternoon. "Buccaneer Bash VI - Port -o- Call, Montego Bay", was aboard the antique 85' yacht Firebird on Saturday October 29, 1988 with a cruise up the St. Johns River with a 45 - minute stop at the Jacksonville Landing. Costumes were really creative that year with one group from Daytona coming as the Seven Castaways from Gilligan's Island.

The Maiden's Pub Association's formation came about in October 1987. The MPA is a non-profit organization with the purpose of help local charities. The krewe is currently presided over by Captain Bryan "Ballast" Langston, Phil “Philthy” Reed as Master at Arms, Mark “Vandy” Vandiver as First Mate (RIP),  John "Klanker" Druash as Navigator & "Crew" tom.

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